The benefits of working with us

Our customers appreciate Demival’s sense of quality, which is demonstrated by our various accreditations. A modern working environment that meets current standards, plus a wide range of machinery also help to guarantee the quality assurance provided by Demival.

Flexibility and service
In addition to quality, Demival also sets great store by flexibility. Our internal structure and short lines of communication between the customer and the production floor ensure that Demival is able to be extremely flexible in handling ‘Just in Time’ deliveries and last-minute adjustments during the production process. Demival’s large capacity, with more than 500 staff and 20,000 m2 of production space, also ensure that customer’s wishes can be met to optimum effect, even during peak periods.

Advice and consultancy
If you are developing new products, Demival is happy to place its many years of experience and extensive know-how to work on your behalf, with sound advice for the preliminary stages of a new project.
As part of this, Demival will also make samples available to you, where necessary, with no obligation.

Extensive capacity
With 600 workers and 20,000 m2 of production space, Demival has plenty of capacity to take work off your hands and complete tasks to perfection. When processing fresh products, Demival uses modern, individual production areas that are cooled independently and monitored at all times by computer-controlled temperature readings.