Metalwork shop

Plenty of know-how
The metalwork shop has 30 workers and operates on a project basis on both small and medium-sized production runs.
Our experienced and inventive team will develop the ideal solution for you and works with you on a personal basis.
Our aim is to offer customers a total solution with an appropriate lead time and perfect quality.
Spacious warehouses and a sophisticated stock monitoring system guarantee the ideal goods-in process, management and dispatch of your merchandise.
  • Machining - With machining, production usually starts with the sawing of 6-metre rods or profiles made from steel, aluminium, stainless steel or copper, after which these pieces are finished on the lathe or by milling. 
  • Sheet metalworking - Demival carries out various forms of sheet metalworking, from cutting and folding, to deepdrawing, drilling and stamping. We also have the expertise in-house to shape a sheet into an end-product. For precision bending we use a LVD CNC hydraulic press brake equipped with CADMAN LITE programming and 7 controlled axes.
    For laser cutting work and surface treatments, we work closely with external partners. 
  • Drilling and stamping– With our extensive range of drilling and stamping machines, we are able to handle work on steel, stainless steel and aluminium sheets and profiles.
  • Welding - Demival uses professional welding benches equiped with a hoist for handling heavy items. 
  • Plastic processing - using thermoforming and plastic moulds we also produce carry trays or foam for packaging.
  • Miscellaneous – To make our services complete, we also have the tools to deburr, grind and polish items. We fit gudgeon pins or other fastening systems, as well as trunnions and spindles. 
  • Examples of end-products: (click)
The benefits of working with Demival:
Stanny Leeuws
Responsible Metalwork Shop
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