Demival can come to you

If for any reason a job has to be carried out in your premises, we can send you a special team of workers under the guidance and supervision of an experienced team leader.

The advantage for you of subcontracting simple, repetitive tasks, preferably for extended periods and even on a permanent basis, is that your own employees can focus on jobs with greater added value. Peak periods in your company can also be accommodated without you having to recruit additional staff.

Outworking with Demival also has logistical benefits: materials and machines don’t have to be transported and can remain on your site.

Our benefits are:

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Renault Traffic Passenger 2.0 dCi9 minibuses


Philip Van Hove

Responsible Outwork

E-mail : philip.van.hove@demival.be

GSM : 0486/600 167                                               T : 09/386 33 29                                        F: 09/386 73 06