PCB Assembly

A streamlined process, from design to finishing

The printed circuit board assembly not only focusses on print assembly but also on production engineering, work preparation, purchasing of components, warehousing and logistics. All of this is carried out in close collaboration with our customers. With a staff of 80 people, Demival has the capabilities required to assembly a wide range of printed circuit boards.

Conventional or through hole assembly and SMD-assembly are used.

Based on a design for manufacturing philosophy, the process starts by analysing the design. We can also produce prototypes and zero runs.
Thanks to our own stock of components and a high degree of logistical flexibility, products are available when the customer needs them.

  • Co-engineering - In close collaboration with the customer we make a design ready for production.
  • Preparation - Commonly used components come from Demival’s own stock, while customer-specific components are supplied by the customer.
  • Technology - The combination of the latest machines  and highly-trained workers enable Demival to handle all or part of your production process.
  • Tests - Demival guarantees the quality of the end-product by conducting extensive testing using the latest measuring and test equipment.

The benefits of working with Demival are:

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Johan Bonnarens:                   Responsible PCB asssembly                          E-mail: johan.bonnarens@demival.be

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